Fenestrology Testimonials

Home Owner – Pathology Report Review

The price tag of engaging a fenestration pathologist was hefty. Would it be worth the money?
I can confirm that it definitely was.
The inspection covered every single window and door installed. Dave had driven 215 miles to see us, was on site for 2 hours and was most professional and very knowledgeable finding issues that I had not even seen.
Two copies of the report arrived in approximately 3 weeks and was laminated and very informative. The pre amble, conclusion and scope of works fully detailed the issues.
I sent this to my window installer and they finally acknowledged there was indeed ‘a problem’ and agreed to all the recommendations in the report.
To be fair to them they even covered the cost of the report.
Just goes to show that if you get a specialist involved companies do listen. Just a shame that Fensa wasn’t interested and neither were local trading standards!