Conciliation and Dispute Resolution

For companies and homeowners alike, if are you having problems in agreeing the way forward from the current stand-off position Fenestrology can intervene by offering conciliation and dispute resolution services.

This service could consist of product only inspections and produce reports of the quality of the product against industry recognised standards. It could also consist of an installation inspection and take into account the quality of workmanship and confirm that the installation meets all the building regulations pertaining to fenestration installation and to the code of practice BS 8213-4 2016

We can also help in agreeing quantum with regards to outstanding work or the cost of outstanding works.

Our services often help both customers and companies in bringing together an agreed course of action, scope of works, and timelines.

We can also provide specialist installation teams to carry out the work if the householder has lost faith in the installing entities ability to complete an installation

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Remediation and Consultancy


Remediation services for window and door installations

Our works include carrying out scopes of work identified in our reports, where the installation entity may not have the correct skill set to carry out such works or aware the householder may have lost faith in the entities capability of completing the works....

Expert Witness

Expert Witness Services

When a dispute between an installation company and a homeowner cannot be settled, specialist expert advice and reporting can be provided by experts at Fenestrology.