• Conciliation and Dispute Resolution

    Conciliation and Dispute Resolution

    For companies and homeowners alike, if are you having problems in agreeing the way forward from the current stand-off position Fenestrology can intervene by offering conciliation and dispute...

  • Installation Inspections

    Installation Inspections

    Our general day-to-day bread-and-butter works are standard installation inspections.

    Again for companies and homeowners alike this our standard service produces a complete report...

  • Product Inspections

    Very similar in make up to the previously mentioned installation inspections in as much as the way the reports are produced.

    The difference between the reports is that a product inspection is...

  • Thermography Survey

    Thermography Surveys

    How a Fenestration Professional Benefits from Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging of Doors & Windows

    I have been in the window and door troubleshooting industry for seventeen...

  • Acoustic Testing

    What is Sound Insulation Testing?

    Sound insulation testing or an Acoustic survey as we prefer to call it in the Fenestration industry is a test carried out to ensure your...

  • Damp Testing

    Very similar in make up to the installation inspections in as  much as the way the reports are produced.

    The difference between the reports is that a damp testing inspection is normally a...

  • Inspections

    Regulation 7 Inspections

    Approved document seven of the building regulations pertains to materials and workmanship.

    It should be noted that this regulation only pertains to England and not Wales.

    A high number of...

  • Conciliation and Dispute Resolution


    We currently use the services of four specialist installation support teams. We use the phrase teams loosely as we do have vans on the road operating with one man.

    Our works include carrying...