Expert Witness to the Fenestration Industry

We have many years’ experience of providing expert witness services to the fenestration industry. Our typical clients are individuals or organisations that are in a dispute over the quality of goods and/or services given or received. We work as an expert witness for consumers, installation companies, or any other organisation involved with fenestration. We can take instructions from complainants or defendants, either directly or through their lawyers. We can work to single instructions (where we are instructed by one side in the dispute) or single joint instructions (where we are instructed by both sides in the dispute jointly).



When a dispute between an installation company and a homeowner cannot be settled, specialist expert advice and reporting can be provided by experts at Fenestrology.

We can act as a single joint expert or as a party-appointed expert and produce a high-quality report to use as a way forward

Expert advice on window and door installation disputes

Window and door installation specialists

Party appointed expert

Single joint expert

CPR 35 compliant reports

RICS certificated expert witness

Expert Witness Fee Guide

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