Fenestrology Win Training & Development Initiative of the Year at the G Awards 2019

Training & Development Initiative of the Year G19

Fenestrology were ecstatic as it was announced as the winner of the highly coveted award for Training & Development Initiative at the G19 Awards that took place at the London Hilton Park Lane on the 29th November;

Interested parties can read more about the event and the winners here

The company headed up by Industry Veteran Andy Clegg has developed and delivered training programs, Assessments & Qualifications for the Fenestration and Glass and Glazing Sector for the last 10 Years.

More recently the company has been involved in developing and delivering advanced competence accredited training as well as specialist Installer and Surveyor courses.

Andy explains that since we launched our Strap Lines  TRAINING THE NATION IN FENESTRATION  & TRAINING THE MASS IN GLAZING & GLASS there has been worldwide interest, we absolutely believe that 2020 will be an Important Year for training in the sector, this is why Fenestrology has reshaped it’s business activities to provide more resources to deliver more courses and accreditations than ever before.

We are very proud of our links with the GGF, we are a Member and currently we deliver Installer and Surveyor training for them. We are a GQA Accredited Training Centre and also a Training Partner and Sponsor with the New Building Our Skills Academy in Sheffield.

Irrefutably this industry has a skills shortage. Undeniably the industry is not an attractive proposition when it comes to attracting school leavers to have a career in Glass and Glazing. But another colossal issue is measuring competency, most installers believe that they are competent but when tested against minimum competence fail at the first hurdle.

Fenestrology has developed an Fenestration Advanced Competence Training that has been designed to ensure that there is demonstrable evidence that a delegate [and the organisation] has benefited from undertaking the programme thus providing a positive return on investment, this programme has been embraced by one of the National Installation Companies and we are delighted to be involved says Andy.

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Feelings on winning the award

Andy says that whilst Fenestrology didn’t ‘deserve’ to win any more than anyone else, obviously we wanted to win.

I know that My TEAM has a unique blend of skills and attributes that clearly stands us out from the crowd. I firmly believe that this is the reason we have become a Linchpin in the Fenestration and Glazing Sector with Membership organisations, National PLC’s and One-man bands all-embracing our training courses and mentoring sessions.

As the award finalists were read out you can imagine the pressure was immense, and the moment our name was mentioned as the winner the mixed feelings of passion & elation burst into a punch of the air, a few loud screams as the TEAM looked at each other briefly as to say  ‘We have nailed this’!

Andy continued to say – Anyone that knows or has worked with us understands and probably remembers what was thrown at us 6 years ago. We took time to regroup, plan and rebuild, after 6 years of solid hard graft, thousands of hours worked, and thousands of miles driven and we are back at the TOP of our game.

Whilst I might be the face of Fenestrology says Andy, this business wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for a complete TEAM effort.     Mick Madigan, Arron Clegg and Dave Eagles are at the forefront and on the road at the coalface. We are supported by an awesome behind the scenes TEAM – Debbie, Claire, Helen, Michelle and Tracey. I have massive respect for each and every one of you.

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Training & Development Initiative of the Year Criteria

Staff training and development is the bedrock of a successful business. Ensuring individuals are suitably qualified to perform, and given the opportunity to improve and progress is a must in today’s competitive business environment. This award is designed to reward those that have been seen to excel in this area, whether as an individual completing and gaining a qualification or as a manager implementing schemes that have seen trainees or apprentices flourish. It is open to companies that embrace the training and development ethic in house, or institutions that specialise in this subject and can demonstrate tangible success through results.

The submission for this Award should include evidence of:

– The nature of the initiative and how it leads to better performance
– Any special challenges or constraints experienced in the development of the initiative and how they were overcome
– Examples of training materials used
– The successful application of the initiative and its impact (actual or intended)
– How the initiative met or exceeded the original objectives