Installer and Surveyor Training

Fenestrology’s Andy Clegg Praised for Superb Training Techniques

If you hadn’t already heard, Fenestrology have teamed up with the GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) to deliver installer and surveyor training courses. GGF launched it’s new quality mark training programme for installers in October, with Andy Clegg delivering their first class.

GGF documented the events of the day in their blog post and praise Andy’s superb training skills. They praised his ability to keep the training lighthearted yet serious while keeping the classroom alive through on-site equipment, demo material, health and safety tools and props.

Andy and the whole team at Fenestrology are very dedicated to giving the best training possible to the fenestration industry and have done for many years. They have developed training techniques that make it fun and easy for trainees to understand, this gives them great confidence and pushes them to strive for success as well as set a high standard for the industry.

You can find the GGF’s blog post here

Installer and Surveyor Training
Courtesy of The GGF